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Closed Markets

Closed markets are the markets having a clearly specified spectrum of consumers. The businesses that form part of these closed markets target those consumers exclusively. These businesses function, in effect, as canteens, located within companies' office spaces, production units or factories.

"Sahinidis Bakeries" has an increased presence in this section of the market too. We are at your disposal and we'd be more than happy to present our quality products to you too.

If you need any information, please contact us so we can fill you in on all the details.



We now offer you our services at your own space.
"Sahinidis Bakeries" undertake the set up of your buffet for every happy occasion of your life, as well as the service of your guests. We have a team of specialized staff as well as all the necessary equipment. We have chosen a great variety of flavors for you, so as to cater for all kinds of occasions and all types of taste preferences your guests may have.

Our menu includes...

-Mini sandwiches (with ham, turkey, Roquefort cheese, salmon, tuna fish, chicken)

-Mini cheese pies (“Kourou” which is the D-shaped cheese-pie and triangular mini cheese pies made with pastry sheet)

-Brioche (with turkey, salmon, ham, tuna fish, Roquefort cheese, chicken)

-Mini ham and cheese pies

-Mini sausage pies (triangular ones made with pastry sheet, or the finger-food type)

-Spring rolls

-Cheese dumplings

-Chicken dumplings

-Cheese sticks

-Cheese croquettes

-Potato croquettes

-Eggplant burek

-Oriental shrimp

-Artichoke strudelini



-Rolled stuffed chicken

-Chicken wings with honey and mustard

-Different types of mini pizzas

-Cookies cake

-Eight-grain crackers

-Mini crêpes (with ham and cheese)

-Various slow-cooked and casserole dishes, fresh salads and many more…

You choose the delicacies you prefer for your buffet and leave all the rest to us. You may opt to have our own personnel serve your guests. If you wish to serve them yourselves we can provide you with the menu and the equipment.


Homemade Meals

Our most fundamental principle is the use of pure and fresh ingredients in the making of our products. Grounded on that principle, we present to you our "Homemade Meals".
You can now enjoy our "Homemade Meals" at your workplace. Meals that have been prepared in the most traditional way that same morning.

Our prices may not be as competitive as the ones you'll find in a fast food establishment, but this price gap reflects both the higher quality and quantity of the servings we offer.

All you need to do is try our meals. They sell themselves!

We always listen carefully to any suggestions you make. We want to offer you solutions so as to satisfy your nutritional needs.

You can check out our weekly menu on




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Find Us

Bakery: Mantzouraki Street 2, Filothei-Psychiko, telephone number: 210 6926286, fax number: 210 6994423

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