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Bakeries" continue to create bread-elicious products!

     We make different types of bread such as country-style sesame bread brimming with sesame, leavened country-style bread, white bread, rye bread, olive bread, garlic bread etc.

    We also make various types of bread with a high nutritional value, such as...

Bread without salt (k-salt). 50% less salt, 100% flavor. It helps you reduce the levels of salt intake so that your organism is more balanced.

    "SOLEO", rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Corn, tapioca starchand Chia seeds are the main ingredients of "SOLEO".

    Bread with linseed, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

    Dinkel. Bread made from this age-old type of wheat! It is the ideal choice for people who have high blood sugar since this bread has a low glycaemicindex.

    Eight Grain Bread.

    French-style country bread (campaillou) (Bread with authentic rye leaven, unique in its look as well as its flavor. It has large holesanda crunchy crust. It maintains its freshness for many days.)

    Organicwholemeal whiteand brown bread.

    "Sahinidis Bakeries" also make sandwich bread without preservatives as well as sandwich bread ideal for making club sandwiches (bread cut in slices that are slightly larger than the usual size. A perfect choice for making your own delicious club sandwich).

    "Sahinidis Bakeries" also make bread for the church service of Artoklasia (meaning “the breaking of bread”). This bread is madewith mastiha, star anise and powdered sugar.



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Bakery: Mantzouraki Street 2, Filothei-Psychiko, telephone number: 210 6926286, fax number: 210 6994423

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